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Bob The Robber is the first game of the Bob The Robber series. It was released on September 16, 2011 on the video game site Kongregate, and published by Flazm.

Bob The Robber
The title screen of the game



Release Date(s):

6 september 2010



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Bob The Robber
HTML port on Coolmath Games


Bob The Robber 2
Bob The Robber 3


Android IOS Nintendo ds Play station portable




  • Bob The Robber: The main protagonist of the game.
  • Voice: Michael Richard Leeds


  • Guards: The main enemies of the game. There are 5 types of guards: Training Guards, Butlers, Policemen, Henchmen and Dogs. All guards will walk back and forth over an area, stopping for a couple seconds at the edges. Once a guard recognises you, it will sound the alarm.
  • Training Guards: They appear exclusively on the first level. They act like butlers, but will not raise an alarm. These are robots.
  • Butler: The most common guard. They will recognise you quite quickly, but do not attack you. These are old guards.
  • Policeman: They will recognise you slower than Butlers, but will shoot you soon after they do.
  • Henchmen: Henchmen rarely appear. Hitting a Henchmen with your bat will only stun them instead of knocking them out. They can also shoot you. They appear starting on level 5 (you will only get their attention if you hit them) Also, henchmen walk slowly.
  • Dogs: Dogs can only be hit from behind and will run to catch you if they recognise you.
  • Electrical Security: There are two types of electrical security: Cameras and Laser Gates. If they are triggered, they will sound the alarm.
  • Cameras: Cameras will set off an alarm if they see you for a few seconds. Cameras will swap between looking left and right. The time that it takes for a camera to switch depends on the camera, but it is always the same. Cameras can not see you if you stand underneath them. There is no way to disable cameras in Bob the Robber 1.
  • Laser Gates: Laser Gates will trigger an alarm if they are walked through. They can be disabled at fuseboxes.


  • Bob The Robber 4 is also here!
  • For seemingly unknown reasons, it is impossible to get all five stars on level 4 in Bob the Robber 1. (the devs likely placed money in a container in a separate attic beside the computer which can't be reached)
  • However, someone recently discovered another stash with 40 cash which allows you to get 5 stars.